Friday, April 25, 2008

Cable on a Table

Ok, I'm running out of catchy titles, plus I'm tired. But I finished my triple cable scarf, I really just made it to practice my cables, which I really, really like doing. I also made a matching hat, but the picture I tried to take of it didn't turn out that well. The pattern is from Knit Simple and I used Joann's Sensations Angel Hair yarn (I just love that yarn!).

I was pleased with the way it turned out and it wasn't hard at all. I think I'm going to try another cable if I can find one I like that is a little more complicated. A girl at work really like the hat and scarf so I'm going to give it to her, but wanted to take a picture first. I did see a cute cable sweater for a child, so I might try that for J, my niece. Although it is getting a bit warm to knit sweaters. I'm looking for some cotton summer patterns that I could try out.

And just to throw it in, here is a picture of Olivia doing her thing on her perch. I'm using for my pictures. You can add all kinds of borders and other cool stuff!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Weekend Away...

Had a free weekend in Ocean City, Maryland and being the stellar photographer that I am, I took this picture at sunrise. Thanks Randy for the use of the condo!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Never a Skull Moment

Don't you just love my catching titles? LOL, ok not terribly original, but trying to find a word that rhymes with skull wasn't easy. Anyhoo, I finished my felted skull bag, pattern is again form the Hello Yarn website ( Again a free pattern from the Hello Yarn Lady, she has the cutest things!

This was my first foray into "stranding" and although I don't think I did a great job with it, it worked out fairly well. Given that the bag as knitted in the round, it was a little harder also. I will try it again with flat knitting. I used Patons wool yarn in worsted weight and it was knitted double strand through out. I added a crochet color border to the top to set it off a bit. I also made a mistake using the graph (there are skulls on both sides of the bag) and made one eye on one side to small (guess what! first time using a graph also). It looked like some kind of weird skull birth defect! So I used duplicate stitching to fix the eye before I felted the bad. It actually worked really well, and it was the first time I had used duplicate stitching also. After felting in one wash cycle, I stopped and noticed the skull was actually pulling inward on the back do to the stranding, so I pulled it as much as I could to stretch it out a bit on the sides of the skull. I took the picture after one felting cycle, but I'm toying with the idea of throwing it in for a second cycle to see what would happen. The Hello Yarn Lady said she used two cycles when felting her bag. Any way, here is what the bag looked like prior to felting, it was pretty big, and a close up of the graphic work for the skull.

Don't know what I want to work on next, I don't like being without a project, since I don't like to watch TV without having something to do!